The Secret of the Golem – TRAILER (Audio Essay)

by Arie Kowler & Ovadiah Tank 

Screenplay Synopsis, Tagline:

David Weiss, a modern, Jewish, mystical detective, and his partner Mimo are on the case to discover the plot behind the theft of an ancient magical artifact that was stolen from Prague and taken to Israel where they reside.

Underlying message of the Film:

The story of the film plays a secondary roll to the many messages rooted in Jewish Tradition that are portrayed within it. The main theme is one of Repentance.  Even the most evil of men (MR. RAW) can become the greatest of saints, and how our past failings can strengthen us to stay away from them in the future.

Also portrayed are examples of: 

How good deeds ripple and cause great effects around us, and how negative actions come back to us, How we should respect the earth and environment, Not taking things for granted as MOSHE teaches us about his dead mother, Self sacrifice for the greater good as the MAHARAL teaches us in the opening sequence, And Divine providence.

The story begins with the current Rabbi of Prague not having a student to pass on his secret knowledge to, and ends with the Villain of the story (MR. RAW) poetically repenting and becoming that student in the end.


The use of G-d´s divine names in the enactment of miracles has been passed down from Rabbi to student since Mosheh Rabeinu at Sinai. One of the uses of the names was used by my ancestor, the Maharal, here in Prague to create a Golem and save the Jews of Prague from destruction.

Many say this was just a legend others say it was a metaphor, but my father and teacher  has revealed to me the deep secrets of the universe. we fear that in our days there is not a student that is worthy of receiving this tradition. That’s why we are bringing THE SECRET OF THE GOLEM to the big screen to be preserved for future generations.